Having trouble marketing your company? Fate Studios offers a variety of cutting edge media solutions that will help your company succeed & leave a positive impact in your industry.

Below are many successful businesses who have flourished with the use of our rich media content.


Keller Williams Real Estate trusts us to do their exclusive photography to expedite the closing of their property listings. Within a matter of 5 hours, this particular property closed above the asking price at an astounding $470,000.00. The buyer had not even stepped onto the property, thanks to our Photography, we provided happiness and success for both the buyer and the seller.


Passion Planner, approached us with the hope of raising $10,000 within a two week period. 

After using our film and marketing services, they accomplished more than double their original goal, maximizing and exceeding initial desires. Congratulations to Passion Planner.


Clever Talks is a benefit conference that inspires victims and thinkers to pay it forward.


The past 20 years of marketing does not apply in todays digital world. With the help of Fate Studios, we can put your business at the top with creative on the edge media advice and production.

Embassy Suites

Embassy Suites is an international hotel chain that trusted Fate Studios to provide creative media for publicity purposes. They closed their doors momentarily to grant Fate Studios exclusive freedom to creatively film their venue.

Passion Planner

Since producing a Kickstarter for Passion Planner, they have acquired tens of thousands of orders within a matter of 2 weeks exceeding their goal. One of the many notable clients was the entire EASports Team.

Global Growth Properties

Nico's Steakhouse was just a startup independent restaurant until Fate Studios helped produce a media campaign. Since then, they have grown into a larger chain across California.


Understanding culture is very important when it comes to marketing a product. A product without a strong fan base, or large cultural following, will cease to compete in the industry.

ShoesMe TM

ShoesMe is a new 2013 venture. Fate Studios marketed their initial stages of production, since then, ShoesMe has been very successful.

Veterans Clothing

Veterans Clothing marketed with the approach to be controversial. This infamous marketing approach was successful as it led them to the top.

Lights Out Brand

Location and Conventions are very particular with Media Coverage. Fate Studios was able to provide exclusive independent coverage during the worlds largest fashion line convention.


The modern era requires that many young professionals network and conduct business after meeting from a night of fun-filled entertainment.


Multiple venues in Southern California, often invite international artists over to perform, many times, Fate Studios has provided exclusive media coverage for these live events.


Keri Hilson is one of Fate Studios many favorite artists, luckily we had the rare opportunity to provide live event coverage for Hilson.


Mardi Gras in San Diego, California is an amazing time of year where diverse amounts of people come together to celebrate life.


Tyga is often known as the world's most ratchet rapper. Well, with the help of our video, you can be the judge of that.


Typhoon Haiyan Disaster Relief Video

Here is a PSA Fate Studios produced to help bring awareness to how organizations like Gawad Kalinga (Official Page) is doing to send relief for the 2013 Typhoon Haiyan disaster.

Lights Out Disposal Recycling Event

Life is all about giving and charity events are a great way to show appreciation to your community and future generations of the world.

US Special Operations Response Team Training 

The US Special Operations Response Team works around the clock to defend our federal and state prison systems.

United States Marine Corps High Intensity Tactical Training

USMC Permitted Fate Studios to film their High intensity Tactical Training program with exclusive media coverage.